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Alex Brown



Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Lives in Singapore






1. Dip. Arch. (B.Arch.)

2. Graduate Diploma in Urban Design (Masters)



Three conference papers – theory of architecture & Design

Academic Management Experience

Curriculum Development  for several courses.


Design Cultural Studies Unit. School of Design, Singapore

Acting Head of Architecture and Design Department, North Cyprus.

Teaching Experience

Considerable experience in teaching: architecture, theory, Interior Design, History of design, Modern Design and Popular Culture. Art and culture of different societies including South East Asia. Modern Society.

Work Experience

Large and small scale design practice in U.K., Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore.



The design and corporate identity for 6 stations for a new Marina underground line in Singapore. 

Singapore Management University campus in Singapore.

University campus, North Cyprus - design of master plan and four main buildings. Writing the brief for two other academic buildings.

Singapore National Gallery (City Hall)

Computer Literacy

Fluent in Word, Excel & Internet use, Photoshop + others.

Research Interests

Complexity and adaptive processes in cultural systems.

Algorithmic process of design; style as a set of typical elements and as paradigm, model for future action.

Communication and exchange between agents as the dynamic of any system.

Cultural systems as evolutionary systems. 


Architecture as System’ (100000 words). 

The Evolution of Modern Architecture' (80,000 words).  Culture and society. Popular Culture and postmodern thought. Material Culture. The Shape of Things.



History of Culture.

Popular Culture from the 19th Century.

Cultural Studies; Modern Product Design; TV & Movies; Postmodern Ideas. Classical, Gothic, Islamic Art and Culture, Renaissance & Baroque, Neoclassicism, Enlightenment, 19th century, Early Modern, PostModern, Asia: Japan, South East Asia, India and China.

HISTORICISM: History/tradition

NEO MODERN: The promise/elaboration of the Modern

POP DESIGN: popular/familiar elements

HI TECH: The promise/elaboration of technology

REGIONALISM: cultural identity

DECONSTRUCTIVISM: complexity, fragmentation

ECLECTIC: Rich mix of elements, pragmatism

Modern Design: imagery and icons. Modern Art & its history and evolution.


A thorough understanding of the history of architecture and design.

The Creative World – collision and interaction of differences within a logical framework/a problem based framework.

Joy and Play as motivating forces.

The physical and virtual environment cannot be understood or learned without a thorough understanding of the historical and cultural context within which it takes place, from which it derives its vocabulary and syntax and ultimately from which it derives its meaning.

Interdisciplinary: To clearly understand our visual and social  environments it is necessary to integrate images, techniques, intentions, failures and successes of creativity.

Wide spectrum coverage of arts and sciences, from popular to exotic ideas looking for useful similarities of structure/theme. Noting the Similarity between apparently different ideas is a major creative tool. Metaphors.


Over 8,000 images available. + fully illustrated lectures on website. Ready made lecture texts available for many of the above subjects. 

Research capability for new areas of teaching and creative work


A Necessary InternationalPerspective on culture.

architecture, design history, cultural history of Europe, US, Asia, gothic, islamic, renaissance, baroque, modern, postmodern, 

Architecture Art Design Cultural History and Theory and More

From Undergraduate to Graduate: its all here. Packed with information. Everything you wanted to know about :



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