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mamun 123
Jun 13, 2022
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How should the newcomer choose? We can think about this problem with reverse thinking, that is, something must not be sold. Such as clothing shoes and bags, why? Because executive list of this thing, the market competition is harsh, the requirements for selection are very high, and there are many specifications. If it is a drop shipping, it is fine. If not, the executive list capital requirements are very high. For example, a skirt has many colors and sizes. How much money do you think you have to store? So I personally recommend choosing some niche products. So how to find these unpopular niche products? Or what are the dimensions of judgment? There are many ways to choose unpopular and niche products. I will briefly introduce one of them here: For example, on the Taobao platform, you can use business advisors to select products. For example, if the executive list popularity of a certain category is several thousand, the conversion rate can be above 10%, and the number of online products is not particularly large, then it is completely feasible. After all, niche products mean less competitive pressure. Although the market is not large, if it can be done well, the executive list profit is quite objective. Then when you find a niche product, you also need to check the qualifications required to operate this category (many times a product is illegal in this category, but it is completely OK in another category. So online A small number of goods does not necessarily mean that there are few people selling them, and this needs to be analyzed in detail on a executive list case-by-case basis). In addition, you also need to compare the market price on the platform through the source channel to see if there is any profit margin. This is a simple selection process, and I will not talk about more for the time being. Interested friends can leave a message, and if you have time, you executive list can write an article on the selection. 2. Conversion rate The second most important thing in the universal formula, I personally think is the "conversion rate" thing. First, there are already too many articles on the market about how to efficiently obtain traffic.
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