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Alex Brown 
Contact Number: Tel/fax: (65) 64792994 & (65) 90106964 / E-mail:


Diploma in Architecture (B.Arch), 1975
Canterbury School of Art & Architecture, Kent, UK

Graduate Diploma Urban Design, 1982
Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK

2.    Website – for detailed information

For extensive and detailed visual and textual information on my career: architectural design, theory, history, graphic design, set design. The blog and website also contains a large number of papers on the cultures of Asia and the West together with theoretical/research papers on evolutionary theory applied to the history of architecture. There are extensive visual presentations, research material, writings and lecture material.

2015-23: A major series of pen and ink drawings of real and imaginary architectural and interior images. (See website above).

Research and writing on the pragmatics of cultural evolution and its application to the development of Modern Architecture.

2013-17:    Edit, Upload and publish two books to Amazon Kindle:                    On The Evolution of Modern Architecture/Architecture                       as System.
                   Two Papers submitted to ADR journal

2012-15:  GSA/SIT Adjunct lecturer, Interior Design.
                Exhibition of artworks:  May 2013
                Book: Editing: the ‘Evolution of Modern Architecture’
                Exhibition of artworks: March 2012  (See blog)
                Research work: Writing Chapter 7 of the ‘Evolution of                      Modern Architecture’. (See blog for extracts).
                Interior Design: Various commercial and retail projects.
                Theatre Set Design:

                Snoworries:  –   Jubilee Hall     
                Wind in the Willows: – Victoria Theatre
                La Traviata  -   The Esplanade
                Agamemnon  -         Singapore Repertory Theatre
                Scrooge:  –    Singapore Repertory Theatre

                National Gallery Architectural Competition submission.

                LaSalle- SIA College of Art and Design, Singapore
                Part time teaching – BA studio master: Interior Design.                    Cultural history.
                Lectures on Architectural, Interior, Popular Culture &                        Design History
                Classical, Renaissance, Islamic Art and Culture,                              Enlightenment, 19th century, Modern and Post Modern,                  Art, Design, politics, war, movies since the 1950s.  

1998-2002:    European University of Lefke - Northern Cyprus
                 Department of Architecture
Position:   Senior Tutor
Duties:      Studio Master -  Final Year Design Studio
                 Lectures -Masters Program: Theory of Architecture &                       Design 
                 Masters Program: Urban Design
                 History of Art, Architecture & World Culture,                                     Contemporary  Architecture

1997–1998: International American University - Kyrenia, North                        Cyprus 
                Department of Architecture and Design
Position:  Acting Head of Department
Duties:   Review the curriculum, organization and standards of the                department :
              a)    Architecture
              b)    Interior Design 
              c)    Media and Graphics Design 
              d)    Fashion Design

1994-1997: Temasek Polytechnic, School of Design, Singapore 
              1.    Cultural Studies Unit 
Position:     Course Manager        
Duties:       Management: Curriculum development & teaching.  
Teaching:   History of Western Art and Culture, Modern Culture:                         the 1950s  Media Design, film, TV, & fashion,                                   Postmodern culture, Evolution of Modern Art: Modern                     Architecture, Interior Design & History of Product                             Design, Japanese Art and Culture & Islamic                                      Civilization.

1992-1994 :Temasek Polytechnic School of Design               2.                            Interior Architecture and Design Division
Position:       Senior Lecturer
Duties:         Curriculum development, Lecturing, Studio Design,                          History of Design. Academic and course                                          management tasks in this new design division:


       a)    Project 1:     Book: ‘Architecture as Complex System’:                      (complete), 100,000 words.
       b)    Project 2:    Book: ‘On the Origin of Styles’. The                                application of evolutionary theory to the history of                            architecture and design. (45,000 words completed).
       c)    Project 3: 10 digital artworks for exhibition.    


1993:    Published Paper for International Architectural                           Conference. Singapore 
       Title: ‘Fragments of the Modern’  Collapse of Modernism:                  Postmodernism
1999:    Published paper for conference on Cultural & Social                  Evolution. Moscow
        Title: ‘Cultural Evolution: Systems and Meta-systems’.
2001:    Published paper for conference at Lefke University, North          Cyprus
        Title:  ‘Architecture as Dynamic System’


2006: Urban Redevelopment Concept - Whampoa River area of              Singapore.
          Research on Comparable riverside environments. 
          Development proposals for both banks of the river.
2000-2002:    Cyprus International University New Campus
          Design of Campus Master Plan, Design of Business Faculty            Building, Administration Building,Information/Library                        Building, Students Centre.        
2000 July:    Marina Line Metro Singapore
          Architectural Competition Entry

2000 Feb:    Singapore Management University
          Architectural Competition Entry

1990-1992: Temasek, Polytechnic Singapore
                    (Opened 1990)
Position:     Project liaison architect for new 12000 student                                 Polytechnic campus design. 
Duties:        a)      Writing the brief for the new polytechnic 
                   b)       Teaching Interior Design

1989-1990: Percy Thomas Partnership. Nottingham, UK
Position:     Project and Design Architect.
Duties:       Scheme Design, production Drawings and supervision                    of project team. Cad systems manager.                                            (Intergraph/Microstation).

1988-1989: Percy Thomas Partnership. Hong Kong.
Position:     Project Coordinator & Senior Architect for New Hong                       Kong University of Science and Technology.

1987:      Scottish Consultants International, Glasgow, UK 
Position: Design Consultant for Competition: Hong Kong                                 University of Science and Technology. 

1983-1987:     Singapore Polytechnic.
               Lectureship Architectural Department: Establishing new                   Diploma Course, Studio, Construction, computer aided                   design.

1979-1983:     PostGraduate Urban Design at Oxford Polytechnic
1976-1979:  Republic of Zambia, Ministry of Works, Architects                             Dept. Lusaka,Zambia                                                                                                                                                               
1975-1976:   Dudley Marsh Son & Partners, Architects                                         Canterbury. UK
19711975:    School of Architecture, Canterbury, Kent
1966-1971:   Gillespie, Kidd & Coia, Architects. Glasgow. UK
                     RIBA Gold Medallist 1969)

End        ************************************
       Singapore Permanent Resident
       Married/resident in Singapore

architecture, design history, cultural history of Europe, US, Asia, gothic, islamic, renaissance, baroque, modern, postmodern, 

Architecture Art Design Cultural History and Theory and More

From Undergraduate to Graduate: its all here. Packed with information. Everything you wanted to know about :



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